£50 per session

In individual therapy you will work with a trained therapist to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The aim is to provide you with a safe and secure environment to enable you to explore the issues that have brought you to therapy. Your therapist will use their expertise and knowledge to guide you on this journey and equip you with the tools that you need to achieve your mental health and behavioural goals. 


£65 per session

In couples therapy you are provided with a caring and supporting environment to face the difficulties you are experiencing within your relationship. Various methods are employed to guide you through the process, help you to communicate more effectively and to work together to solve your problems.


£30 per session

For many Counselling and Psychotherapy courses there is mandatory personal therapy needed to complete the course. 

A reduced rate is offered to students on this type of course (proof of enrolment on your course is required).  

As with individual therapy, you will explore your feelings and behaviours to ensure you have a good understanding of your own processes and past experiences. This understanding will be hugely helpful and beneficial in your own client work. 


£50 per session

Being a child or young adult comes with challenges; you could be experiencing issues at school, struggling to identify with friends or maybe you're just generally feeling low. 

I believe in providing children aged 11-17 with a space to be able to voice their worries and concerns and to help them understand themselves more fully. I use play therapy, talking therapy and guided activities to help children and young people understand their feelings, behaviours and experiences. 


Everyone experiences therapy differently because we are all unique. Psychotherapy and counselling services with Orenna are therefore tailored for your specific needs. 
Anyone using our services though should expect an open, non-judgmental and confidential space to explore their feelings, emotions and behaviours. The aim of therapy is to allow you to talk freely and honestly so that you can gain a deeper understanding of your life experiences, emotions and behaviours and then go on to make positive changes in your life. 
Sessions normally last around 50 minutes and involve open and honest discussion between a client and trained therapist. The therapist will draw upon a range of different methods and interventions to help you to expand and challenge your way of thinking, reflect and find peace with past events and allow for personal growth.

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